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Dear All

As you know, the Macro Conference has been held once a year since 1999. The 13th Macro Conference will be held at Keio University in Tokyo on Saturday-Sunday, November 26-27, 2011.

The financial sponsors are the Tokyo Center for Economic Research (TCER), the Keio University Global Security Institute, the Research Center for Price Dynamics of HitotsubashiUniversity, and the Global Center of Excellence (GCOE)Program on Human Behavior and Socioeconomic Dynamics of Osaka University and the organizers are shown below.

If you are interested in submitting a paper to this conference, please send your paper by email as an attached file to the three organizers shown below by Friday, October 7, 2011 (Japan time). Full papers are preferred but a 10-page abstract is also acceptable. However, please send your full paper to the three organizers and to the designated discussant by Friday, November 4, 2011.

Also, please suggest two individuals as designated discussants, but it is not necessary to contact them in advance.

There will be no particular topic for this conference, and any macroeconomics-related paper will be welcome, whether it is theoretical or empirical and whether it is about Japan or about another country. However, we will give priority to papers that provide new insights regarding recent trends in the world and Japanese economies, and we especially welcome papers on fiscal crises, the crash of the bubble, and global economic crises such as large-scale natural disasters.

We will inform you of our decision by Friday, October 28, 2011.

We will pay the travel and lodging expenses of all paper presenters, designated discussants, and chairpersons. However, we will not, in general, be able to pay for the travelexpenses of those coming from abroad.

We are looking forward to receiving many interesting submissions.

With best wishes,

Masaya Sakuragawa (Keio University) :
 Naohito Abe (Hitotsubashi University) :
 Charles Yuji Horioka (Osaka University) :

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