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Behavioral economics is a new and emerging field of research which incorporates insights from various related disciplines, such as psychology, sociology and neuroscience, to provide solutions for economic and social problems that cannot be easily reconciled by the traditional branch of economics. In April 2004, ISER founded the Research Center for Behavioral Economics - the first of this kind in Japan - with the aim of becoming the research hub of behavioral economics. In June 2009, ISER was selected as the Joint Usage/Research Center for Behavioral Economics by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) and since then has played an integral role in bringing together researchers from all over the world and promoting active research collaboration in this field.


August 7, 2018 Higher order risk attitudes and prevention under different timings of loss, Takehito Masuda (with E. Lee)" accepted for publication in Experimental Economics.
July 31, 2018 Professor Ning Sun (Nanjing Audit University) is visiting us from July 31st, 2018 to August 24th, 2018.
July 1, 2018 Professor Rakesh Vohra (University of Pennsylvania) is visiting us from July 1st, 2018 to July 31st, 2018.
June 29, 2018 Professor Kwanho Shin(Korea University)is visiting us from June 29th, 2018 to September 18th, 2018.
June 28, 2018 Hierarchical Experimentation, Junichiro Ishida (with Chia-Hui Chen) accepted for publication in Journal of Economic Theory.
June 28, 2018 Professor Serguey Braguinsky (University of Maryland / Osaka University, crossapointment) is visiting us from June 28th, 2018 to July 27th, 2018.
June 19, 2018 Professor Takashi Yamagata (University of York / Osaka University, crossapointment) is visiting us from June 18th, 2018 to August 10th, 2018.
June 11, 2018 Difference or Ratio: Implications of Status Preference on Stagnation, Yoshiyasu Ono (with K. Yamada) accepted for publication in Australian Economic Papers.
June 11, 2018 Credit Booms, Debt Overhang and Secular Stagnation, Yoshiyasu Ono and Matthias Schlegl (with G. Illing) accepted for publication in European Economic Review.

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Title Author
2018.8 Higher order risk attitudes and prevention under different timings of loss (with E. Lee), Experimental Economics, forthcoming. Takehito Masuda
2018.9 Hierarchical Experimentation (with Chia-Hui Chen), Journal of Economic Theory Junichiro Ishida
2018.9 Credit Booms, Debt Overhang and Secular Stagnation (with G. Illing), European Economic Review Yoshiyasu Ono
M. Schlegl
2018.5 Strategy-Proofness and Efficiency for Non-Quasi-Linear and Common-Tiered-Object Preferences: Characterization of Minimum Price Rule, Games and Economic Behavior Yu Zhou and Shigehiro Serizawa
2018.1 The Impact of Monitoring in Infinitely Repeated Games: Perfect, Public, and Private (with V. Bhaskar, and Guillaume R. Frechette), American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, forthcoming. Masaki Aoyagi
2017.12 Dynamic Performance Evaluation with Deadlines: The Role of Commitment (with Chia-Hui Chen), Journal of Industrial Economics Junichiro Ishida
2017.12 Pricing with cookies: Behavior-based price discrimination and spatial competition (with Chongwoo Choe and Stephen P. King), Management Science Noriaki Matsushima

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