No. 827
Conformism and Structural Change
Takeo Hori, Masako Ikefuji and Kazuo Mino
December 2011
No. 826
Seeking Harmony Amidst Diversity: Consensus Building with Network Externalities
Chia-Hui Chen and Junichiro Ishida
December 2011
No. 825
Weitzman Meets Nordhaus: Expected Utility and Catastrophic Risk in a Stochastic Economy-Climate Model
Masako Ikefuji, Roger J. A. Laeven, Jan R. Magnus and Chris Muris
December 2011
No. 824
Japanese Bureaucracy and Its Evaluation: Retrospect and Prospect (in Japanese:「日本の官僚制とその評価 ― 回顧と展望」)
Atsushi Tsuneki
December 2011
No. 823
Maximal Domain for Strategy-proof Probabilistic Rules in Economies with One Public Good
Shuhei Morimoto
November 2011
No. 822
Smokers, Smoking Deprivation, and Time Discounting
Shoko Yamane, Hiroyasu Yoneda, Taiki Takahashi, Yoshio Kamijo, Yasuhiro Komori, Fumihiko Hiruma and Yoshiro Tsutsui
November 2011
No. 821
The Determinants and Long-term Projections of Saving Rates in Developing Asia
Charles Yuji Horioka and Akiko Terada-Hagiwara
October 2011
No. 820
Market Size and Vertical Structure in the Railway Industry
Noriaki Matsushima and Fumitoshi Mizutani
October 2011
No. 819
Behavioral Efficiency II: A Simple Laboratory Demonstration
Ronald M. Harstad
October 2011
No. 818
Behavioral Efficiency I: Definition, Methodology and Demonstration
Ronald M. Harstad
October 2011
No. 817
Generalized Hyperbolic Discounting, Borrowing Aversion, and Debt Holding
Shinsuke Ikeda and Myong-Il Kang
October 2011, Revised October 2011
No. 816
Endogenous Competition Alters the Structure of Optimal Auctions
Ronald M. Harstad
September 2011
No. 815
An International Comparison of Bequest Motives (in Japanese: 「遺産動機の国際比較」)
Charles Yuji Horioka
August 2011
No. 814
Overconfidence Increases Productivity
Yusuke Kinari, Noriko Mizutani, Fumio Ohtake and Hiroko Okudaira
August 2011
No. 813
Asking About Changes in Happiness in a Daily Web Survey
Yoshiro Tsutsui and Fumio Ohtake
July 2011
No. 812
Media, Democracy, and Government Action: Prevention vs. Palliation in the Time of Cholera
Chongwoo Choe and Paul A. Raschky
July 2011
No. 811
The Effect of Young Maternal Age on Children's Education Level: Does the Age of Giving Birth Really Matter? (in Japanese: 「母親の若年出産が子供の教育水準に与える影響 出産年齢が本当に問題なのか」)
Kohei Kubota
June 2011
No. 810
Access Charges, Vertical Separation, and Lobbying
Toshihiro Matsumura and Noriaki Matsushima
May 2011
No. 809
A Maximal Domain for Stragegy-proof and No-vetoer Rules in the Multi-object Choice Model
Kentaro Hatsumi, Dolors Berga and Shigehiro Serizawa
April 2011, Revised February 2013
No. 808
What Factors Determine the Number of Trading Partners?
Noriaki Matsushima and Ryusuke Shinohara
April 2011
No. 807
The Effects of Non-assertion of Patents Provisions: R&D Incentives in Vertical Relationships
Noriaki Matsushima, Koki Arai, Ikuo Ishibashi and Fumio Sensui
April 2011
No. 806
Imperfect Competition, State Trading and Japan's Imports of Rice
Donald MacLaren
March 2011
No. 805
Impacts of Forced Marriages in Cambodia under the Pol Pot Regime
Katsuo Kogure
March 2011 (The 13th ISER-Moriguchi Prize (2010) Awarded Paper)
No. 804
Prevention of Competition by Competition Law: Evidence from Unbundling Regulation on Fiber-Optic Networks in Japan
Naoaki Minamihashi
March 2011 (The 13th ISER-Moriguchi Prize (2010) Awarded Paper)
No. 803
Autonomy and Motivation: A Dual-Self Perspective
Junichiro Ishida
February 2011
No. 802
The Research Rankings of Major Economics Departments and Institutions in Japan: Evaluation by the Publications and Citation Output (in Japanese:「主要経済系部局の研究業績比較(2009年)」)
Kouichi Futagami, Kazuya Kamiya, Souichi Ohta, Yasuyuki Sawada, Shigehiro Serizawa & Akihisa Shibata
January 2011
No. 801
How an Export Boom Affects Unemployment
Noel Gaston & Gulasekaran Rajaguru
January 2011
No. 800
The Welfare Effects of Third-Degree Price Discrimination in a Differentiated Oligopoly
Takanori Adachi and Noriaki Matsushima
January 2011