No. 1007
Takeshi Ebina, Noriaki Matsushima and Katsumasa Nishide
Demand Uncertainty, Product Differentiation, and Entry Timing under Spatial Competition
July 2017. Revised July 2018
No. 1037
Kazuhiko Hayakawa, Shuichi Nagata and Takashi Yamagata
A Robust Approach to Heteroskedasticity, Error Serial Correlation and Slope Heterogeneity for Large Linear Panel Data Models with Interactive Effects
July 2018
No. 1029
Shusaku Sasaki, Yoshifumi Funasaki, Hirofumi Kurokawa and Fumio Ohtake
Blood Type and Blood Donation Behaviors: An Empirical Test of Pure Altruism Theory
May 2018.Revised July 2018
No. 1036
Akihisa Shibata, Mototsugu Shintani and Takayuki Tsuruga
Current Account Dynamics under Information Rigidity and Imperfect Capital Mobility
July 2018
No. 1035
Jean-Baptiste Michau, Yoshiyasu Ono and Matthias Schlegl
Wealth Preference and Rational Bubbles
June 2018
No. 1033
Sakai Ando
Size-Dependent Policies and Efficient Firm Creation
June 2018. (The 20th ISER-Moriguchi Prize (2017) Awarded Paper)
No. 1006
Hiroshi Sadakane
Multistage Information Transmission with Voluntary Monetary Transfer
June 2017. Revised June 2018. (The 19th ISER-Moriguchi Prize (2016) Awarded Paper)
No. 1034
Takehito Masuda and Eungik Lee
Higher Order Risk Attitudes and Prevention under Different Timing of Loss
June 2018
No. 1032
Matthias Schlegl
Secular Stagnation in an Economy with Land
June 2018
No. 1031
Koichi Futagami, Kazuya Kamiya, Shigehiro Serizawa, Akihisa Shibata and Satoru Takahashi
The Productivity Rankings of Research Institutions of Economics and Social Sciences in Japan Compared to NUS, 2017: Evaluation by the Publications in Major Academic Journals (in Japanese: 「国内5大学附置研究所及びシンガポール国立大学経済学部の研究生産性比較調査(2017年)」)
May 2018