No. 1008
Lin Zhang and Shinsuke Ikeda
Intergenerational Transmission of Authoritative Parenting Style:Evidence from Japan
August 2017
No. 1006
Hiroshi Sadakane
Multistage Information Transmission with Voluntary Monetary Transfer
June 2017 (The 19th ISER-Moriguchi Prize (2016) Awarded Paper)
No. 1007
Takeshi Ebina, Noriaki Matsushima and Katsumasa Nishide
Demand Uncertainty, Product Differentiation, and Entry Timing under Spatial Competition
July 2017
No. 981
Noriaki Matsushima and Shohei Yoshida
The Countervailing Power Hypothesis when Dominant Retailers Function as Sales Promoters
October 2016. Revised July 2017
No. 893
Yoshiyasu Ono
Macroeconomic Interdependence Between a Stagnant and a Fully Employed Country
January 2014. Revised November 2014. Secondly Revised June 2017
(Originally entitled "Exchange-rate Adjustment and Macroeconomic Interdependence Between Stagnant and Fully Employed Countries.")
No. 1005
Tomoya Kazumura, Debasis Mishra, and Shigehiro Serizawa
Mechanism Design without Quasilinearity
June 2017