Wed, April 25 瀧塚 寧孝(日本銀行)
Yasutaka Takizuka
(Bank of Japan)
Population Aging and the Real Interest Rate in the Last and Next 50 Years: A tale told by an Overlapping Generations Model (with Nao Sudo)
Wed, April 18 Jie Gong
(National University of Singapore)
Fri, March 23 Hannes Mueller
(IAE-CSIC/Barcelona GSE)
Thu, March 8 Eric Bond
(Vanderbilt University)
Border Adjustments, Cash Flow Taxes, and Transfer Pricing
Mon, March 5 Zhihong Yu
(University of Nottingham )
Managing Trade: Evidence from China and the US (with Nick Bloom, John Van Reenen, Stephen Sun and Kalina Manova)
Tue, February 27 国本 隆
Takashi Kunimoto
(Singapore Management University)
Getting Dynamic Implementation to Work (with Yi-Chun Chen, Richard Holden, Yifei Sun and Tom Wilkening
Wed, February 21 Yongseung Jung
(Kyung Hee University/ISER)
Gains from Cooperation, Macroeconomic Interdependence, and Price Stability in Open Economies
Wed, February 7 仲田 泰祐(連邦準備制度理事会)
Taisuke Nakata
(Federal Reserve Board)
The Risky Steady State and the Interest Rate Lower Bound
Wed, January 24 楡井 誠(東京大学)
Makoto Nirei
(University of Tokyo)
Endogenous Inflation Fluctuations and Optimal Inflation Target
Mon, January 22 渡辺 誠
Makoto Watanabe
(VU University Amsterdam)
Banking Panics and the Lender of Last Resort in a Monetary Economy (with Tarishi Matsuoka)
Thu, January 18 Pablo Guillen Alvarez
(The University of Sydney)
Stress testing matching theory in the laboratory: three experimental studies
Tue, January 9 粟屋 祐(ロチェスター大学)
Yu Awaya
(University of Rochester)
A Model of Collateral (with Hiroki Fukai and Makoto Watanabe)