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The VRS Program does not have its own housing program and Osaka University does not provide special residence facilities for VRS. Housing is ultimately a VRS’s own responsibility although the Institute will do its best to assist its VRS in finding suitable housing. Osaka University maintains Kasugaoka House and I-House. Located right near the Suita Campus, Kasugaoka House is originally intended for international researchers/students staying one month or more, but also available for researchers as well as university hospital (out-) patients and/or their family members on a weekly basis. For long stay, there are single, couple and family type units available. Units are fully furnished and a caretaker is available for 24 hours a day. Admission is on a first-come first-serve basis and applications are accepted in advance of your planned occupancy by the same number of days as the length of your planned occupancy. I-House is an International Exchange Lodge, commonly referred to as International House or I-House for short, as a residence complex for foreign graduate students and scholars. International House is located the Osaka University’s Toyonaka Campus, about 30 minutes from Osaka University Suita Campus where the Institute is located. International House has a couple dozen furnished apartment units for foreign researchers available in three sizes: single, couple and family. Admission is on a first-come first-serve basis and applications are accepted only 6 months in advance of the VRS’s arrival date. The quality of an International House apartment is roughly equivalent to that of married-student housing in the US. Due to their heavily subsidized rental fees, excess demand exists for International House accommodations. Other dormitory-type accommodations may be available on campus, but their quality is generally lower than that of Kasugaoka House and International House.

Visit the university website for more information on accomidations.