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How to Apply


An applicant must demonstrate an established record of research, preferably with publications in refereed academic journals, and must hold a position equivalent to Assistant Professor – or higher – at their home institution.

Duration and details of stay

The VRS is required to stay at ISER for a minimum of 5 days, but there is no maximum period of stay. However, the VRS program will pay a per-diem and accommodation allowance up to 35 days. (This limit can be extended to 65 days in special cases. Please ask for details.) During their stay, a VRS is provided with space to work, and access to both the internet and ISER’s library.


VRS applicants are requested to submit the following documents, as attached files, to the following email address:

(1) Curriculum vitae, including:
  • A list of all higher degrees earned, including their year of completion, field, and institution.
  • A list of publications, and recent working papers.
  • The names and contact information of at least three references.
(2) Application letter, which should state:
  • The topic of research to be conducted at ISER.
  • The applicant’s desired starting date, and planned duration of stay at ISER.
(3) Research proposal (abstract of proposed research):
  • One paragraph(100-200 words).


VRS appointments are made on a competitive basis according to merit. Since the purpose of the VRS program is to promote collaborative research, at least one faculty member from ISER must host the VRS, and conduct joint research with them during their stay. An ISER faculty member may nominate a VRS applicant to the institute’s Committee on Visiting Research Scholars. A prospective VRS need not identify or communicate with potential research collaborators before applying. A prospective VRS is encouraged to apply directly to ISER. All decisions regarding VRS appointments are made at the institute’s regular faculty meetings.


In accordance with the travel-expense regulations of Osaka University, the successful applicant will receive the following.

(1) Airfare:
    The VRS program provides one discounted economy-class round-trip ticket between Osaka and the city of the VRS’s home institution.
(2) Per diem and accommodation allowances:
    The program pays a fixed per-diem and accommodation allowance in accordance with the VRS’s duration of stay at ISER (up to the number of days described in Section 2). However, these allowances will not be paid during periods of absence from ISER.
(3) All other costs, including insurance, will not be covered by ISER.

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