2022 Virtual AP-ESA Meeting

The virtual conference will take place between March 16 and March 18, 2022.

Confirmed Plenary speakers (in alphabetical order) are

John Duffy (University of California Irvine)
Luba Petersen (Simon Fraser University)
Tatsuyoshi Saijo (Kochi University of Technology)
Songfa Zhong (National University of Singapore)

Important Dates

Deadline for submission: December 17, 2021
Notification of acceptance: January 14, 2022
Deadline for registration: February 11, 2022
Conference: March 16-18, 2022


Nobuyuki HANAKI, Osaka University
Tiffany Tszkwan TSE, Osaka University
Natsumi Shimada, Osaka University

Emi Kurimune, Osaka University
Kumiko Fukada, Osaka University
Hiroko Shibata, Osaka University
Yuki Hamada, Osaka University

Keynote Speakers    

John Duffy

University of California Irvine

John Duffy is Professor of Economics at the University of California, Irvine (UCI).
His research interests are in behavioral and experimental economics, game theory, finance and macroeconomics.
He is Co-Editor of the journal Experimental Economics and Co-Director of UCI's Experimental Social Science Laboratory (ESSL).

Luba Petersen

Simon Fraser University

Luba Petersen is an Associate Professor of Economics at Simon Fraser University. She is also a Monetary Policy Advisor at the C.D. Howe Institute, on the advisory board for the Society for Computational Economics, and a member of the Centre for Economic Policy Research RPN on Central Bank Communication. She has advised central banks including the Bank of Canada and U.S. Federal Reserve on policy-related questions using experimental methods. She was recently awarded the 2021 CWEC Young Researcher Award for her research contributions.
Luba’s research lies within experimental macroeconomics, with a focus on designing monetary policy and central bank communication to better manage the public’s expectations. Another branch of her work explores how people reason through financial and dynamic optimization problems and whether their ability can be improved through alternative policy frameworks and messaging.

Tatsuyoshi Saijo

Kochi University of Technology

Tatsuyoshi Saijo has been the director of the Research Institute for Future Design at Kochi University of Technology since 2017. He is also a program director at the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature in Kyoto. He has been a professor at Tsukuba, Osaka, and Hitotsubashi.
Before coming back to Japan, he started his career at the Ohio State University and the University of California at Santa Barbara.
He served as a member of the Science Council of Japan from 2014-20 and as Vice President of ESA from 2010 to 2014.
He received his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Minnesota in 1985.


Songfa Zhong

National University of Singapore

Zhong Songfa is an Associate Professor and Dean’s Chair in economics at the National University of Singapore. His research interest is behavioral economics, encompassing theory, experiment, and application. His research is highly interdisciplinary using a wide range of methodologies including experimental economics, neuroscience, and genetics.
Songfa has published in economics-oriented journals such as American Economic Review, Econometrica, Journal of European Economic Association, International Economic Review, Management Science, and Review of Economics and Statistics, as well as biology-oriented ones including Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Neuron, Proceedings of the Royal Society B Biological Sciences, and Neuroimage. He currently serves as an Associate Editor of Management Science, and a Coordinating Editor of Theory and Decision.
Songfa received his Ph.D in economics from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2009, and B.A. in accounting from Peking University in 2003.

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