December 21, Mon 北野 重人(神戸大)
Shigeto Kitano (Kobe)
<ISER・GCOE Behavioral Economics Joint Seminar>
Capital Controls and Welfare
December 2, Wed <第12回 社研・森口賞入選者報告会 / The Twelfth ISER・Moriguchi Prize Winners>
2:00-5:30 PM 牛島 光一(筑波大)
Koichi Ushijima (Tsukuba)
-タイにおける30 バーツ医療制度の導入を事例として-
The Effect of the Introduction of a Health Insurance Program on Precautionary Saving Behavior at the Household Level.
田中 伸介(ボストン大)
Shinsuke Tanaka (Boston)
Access to Health Infrastructure and Child Health Development: Evidence from Post-Apartheid South Africa
宮崎 浩一
Koichi Miyazaki
(Pennsylvania State)
Efficiency and Lack of Commitment in an Overlapping Generations Model with Distributional Shocks
October 16, Fri Yi Wen
<ISER・GCOE Behavioral Economics Joint Seminar>
Why Is China Saving So Much?
October 15, Thu Anna Gunnthorsdottir
(New South Wales)
<ISER・GCOE Behavioral Economics Joint Seminar>
Tacit Coordination and "Magic" in Meritocracy Mechanisms with Asymmetric Equilibria
October 7, Wed Giovanni Mastrobuoni
(Carlo Alberto)
<ISER・GCOE Behavioral Economics Joint Seminar>
Everybody Stay Cool, This Is a Robbery! Evidence on the Value of Freedom and on Deterrence Based on the Optimal Duration of Bank Robberies
October 5, Mon
3:30-5:00 PM
Till Marco von Wachter (Columbia) <ISER・GCOE Behavioral Economics Joint Seminar>
The Labor Supply Effect of Unemployment Insurance after Mass Layoffs: Structural Estimation and Regression Discontinuity Evidence (with Johannes Schmieder)
September 14,
末廣 英生(神戸大)
Hideo Suehiro (Kobe)
<ISER・GCOE Behavioral Economics Joint Seminar>
Experiments on Emergence of Leadership in Teams
(with Koij Abe and Hajime Kobayashi)
September 11,
Heinz D. Kurz (Graz) <ISER・GCOE Behavioral Economics Joint Seminar>
Ricardo on Exhaustible Resources, and the Hotelling Rule
(with Neri Salvadori)
July 27, Mon Akiko Terada-Hagiwara
(Asian Development Bank)
<ISER・GCOE Behavioral Economics Joint Seminar>
Saving in Asia: Issues for Rebalancing Growth (with Shikha Jha and Eswar Prasad)
July 15, Wed.
3:15~5:30 PM
安達 貴教(東工大)
Takanori Adachi (Tokyo Tech)
A Life-Cycle Model of Entrepreneurial Choice: Understanding Entry into and Exit from Self-Employment
渡辺 安虎
Yasutora Watanabe (Northwestern)
Inferring Strategic Voting (with Kei Kawai)
June 30,Tue
3:00~4:30 PM
笠島 洋一(ロチェスター大)
Yoichi Kasajima (Rochester)
Reflecting Inequality of Claims in Gains and Losses
(with Rodrigo Velez)
June 25, Thu 西田 充邦
Mitsukuni Nishida
(Johns Hopkins)
Estimating a Model of Strategic Network Choice: the Convenience-Store Industry in Okinawa
June 12, Fri
2-3:30 PM
Nicolas Schweighofer
(Southern California & ATR)
<ISER・GCOE Behavioral Economics Joint Seminar>
Serotonin and the Evaluation of Future Rewards
May 15, Fri
1:00-2:30 PM
Donald MacLaren
Partial and General Equilibrium Measures of Trade Restrictiveness (with Peter J Lloyd)
3:30-5:00 PM 小林康(大阪大)
Yasushi Kobayashi (Osaka)
<ISER・GCOE Behavioral Economics Joint Seminar>
報酬獲得学習に関与する脳内報酬予測誤差信号の計算過 程の解明
Different Pedunculopontine Tegmental Neurons Signal Predicted and Actual Task Rewards
April 22, Wed Debashis Pal
Equal Pay for Unequal Pay: Limiting Sabotage in Teams (with Arup Bose and David Sappington)
April 2, Thu
Room 315
Nick Baigent
Consequentialism: Some Clarifications
March 24, Tue <博士号候補者公開研究業績報告会 / Doctoral Dissertation Presentation>
1:00-2:30 PM 宇野浩司(大阪大学)
Hiroshi Uno (Osaka)
Essays on the Nested Potential Game and its Applications
February 25, Wed <博士号候補者公開研究業績報告会 / Doctoral Dissertation Presentation>
1:00-2:30 PM 石井利江子(日本大学)
Rieko Ishii (Nihon)
Essays on Empirical Analysis of Collusion in Procurement Auction (公共入札における談合の実証分析)
February 19, Thu J. Mark Ramseyer
(Harvard Law School)
The Effect of Cost Suppression under Universal Health Insurance on Talent and Expertise: Cosmetic Surgery in Japan
February 4, Wed <第11回 社研・森口賞入選者報告会 / The Eleventh ISER・Moriguchi Prize Winners>
3:00-5:30 PM 宮本弘暁(ウィスコンシン大)
Hiroaki Miyamoto(Wisconsin)
Technological Progress, On-the-Job Search and Unemployment
Hiroko Okudaira(Osaka)
The Economic Costs of Court Decisions Concerning Dismissals in Japan: Identification by Judge Transfers
Mitsukuni Nishida(Chicago)
Estimating a Model of Strategic Network Choice: the Convenience-Store Industry in Okinawa
(Not present at the seminar.)