December 6, Mon
1:30 - 2:40 PM

John Laitner
<ISER・GCOE Behavioral Economics Joint Seminar>
Social Security Taxes and Household Decisions of When to Retire: An Analysis Based on Microeconomic Data
2:50 - 4:00 PM Michael Hurd
(Rand Corporation)
The Retirement-Consumption Puzzle: Actual Spending Change in Panel Data (with Susann Rohwedder)
December 2, Thu
<第13回 社研・森口賞入選者報告会 / The Thirteenth ISER・Moriguchi Prize Winners>
2:30-3:15 PM 小暮 克夫(筑波大)
Katsuo Kogure(Tsukuba)
Dictatorships, Institutional Change, and Economic Performance: Evaluating the Impacts of Forced Marriage System under the Pol Pot Regime in Cambodia, 1975-1979
3:15-4:00 PM 南橋 尚明(ボストン大)
Naoaki Minamihashi
Destruction of Competition by Competition Law: Evidence from Unbundling Regulation on Fiber-Optic Networks in Japan
December 1, Wed Noel Gaston
<ISER・GCOE Behavioral Economics Joint Seminar>
How an Export Boom affects Unemployment
November 24, Wed Hyeok Jeong
<ISER・GCOE Behavioral Economics Joint Seminar>
Complementarity and Transition to Modern Economic Growth
November 16, Tue Sisira Jayasuriya
(ISER/La Trobe)
<ISER・GCOE Behavioral Economics Joint Seminar>
Multinationals, Product Fragmentation and Response to Exchange Rates: Some Theory and Evidence from Japanese Firms (with Nobuaki Yamashita)
November 10, Wed Robert Ridlon
<ISER・GCOE Behavioral Economics Joint Seminar>
Handicapping and Reverse Handicapping under Uncertainty in an All-Pay Auction (joint with Rick Harbaugh)
November 4, Thu Alessandra Guariglia
<ISER・GCOE Behavioral Economics Joint Seminar>
Investment and financing constraints in China: does working capital management make a difference? (joint with S. Ding and J. Knight)
October 27, Wed 安達 貴教(名古屋大)
Takanori Adachi(Nagoya)
Political Accountability, Electoral Control and Media Bias
(joint with Yoichi Hizen)
October 13, Wed Tue Gorgens
(Australian National)
Private School Usage in Australia
September 17, Fri
作道 真理
Mari Sakudo
(Development Bank of Japan)
Strategic Interactions between Parents and Daughters:
Co-residence, Marriage, and Intergenerational Transfers in Japan
August 23, Mon Oded Stark
Casting the Probability of the Migration of Skilled Workers from a Developing Country as a Policy Tool for Enhancing Skill Formation and Raising Welfare within the Developing Country
July 15, Thu 高橋 悟(プリンストン大)
Satoru Takahashi(Princeton)
Interdependent Preferences and Strategic Distinguishability
(with Dirk Bergemann and Stephen Morris)
July 14, Wed Wen S. Chern
National Chung Cheng)
Analysis of Country of Origin Labeling
for Food Products in Taiwan using Auction Experiment
July 7, Wed Hikmet Gunay (Manitoba) Exposure Problem in Multi-Unit Auctions
Strategic Waiting in the IPO Markets
June 30, Wed Krishnendu Dastidar
Jawaharlal Nehru)
Basic Auction Theory Revisited
May 26, Wed 重岡 仁(コロンビア大)
Hitoshi Shigeoka(Columbia)
The Evidence of Supply-Induced Demand: Newborn Treatment in Japan
May 20, Thu 松島 斉(東京大)
Hitoshi Matsushima (Tokyo)
Incentives in Hedge Funds
April 22, Thu Ian Coxhead
<ISER・GCOE Behavioral Economics Joint Seminar>
The Effects of Global Economic Shocks on Poverty in Vietnam
March 24, Wed
1:30~3:00 PM
山田 洋(ニューヨーク大)
Hiroshi Yamada(New York)
<ISER・GCOE Behavioral Economics Joint Seminar>
January 22, Fri <博士号候補者公開研究業績報告会 / Doctoral Dissertation Presentation>
1:00-2:30 PM
新館3階 315
張 佳楽(大阪大)
Chou Karaku (Osaka)
The Impact of Health Insurance Reform in China