December 5, Thu

<第16回 社研・森口賞入選者報告会 / The 16th ISER・Moriguchi Prize Winners>
1:30 PM -
小島 健 (大阪大)
Takeshi Ojima (Osaka)
General Equilibrium Dynamics with Naive and Sophisticated Hyperbolic Consumers in an Overlapping Generations Economy
小川 博雅 (東京大)
Hiromasa Ogawa (Tokyo)
A Good Listener and a Bad Listener
鶴岡 昌徳 (東京大)
Masanori Tsuruoka (Tokyo)
The Impact of Scoring Auctions in Public Procurement Auctions
大西 健 (ノースウェスタン大)
Ken Onishi (Northwestern)
Quantity Discounts and Capital Misallocation in the Aircraft and Airline Industries
December 4, Wed
Roberto LEON-GONZALEZ (GRIPS) Endogeneity and Panel Data in Growth Regressions: A Bayesian Model Averaging Approach
(with Daniel Montolio)
November 28, Thu
Harrison Cheng (USC) First-Price Auctions with Speculative Resale Part I: Optimal Revenue (with Guofu Tan)
November 27, Wed
前川 淳 (東京大)
Jun Maekawa (Tokyo)
Securitization and Heterogeneous-Belief Bubbles with Collateral Constraints
November 21, Thu
María Martín-Rodríguez (Nagoya) Better the Devil you Know: A Dynamic Duopoly Model with Switching Costs
November 13, Wed
早川 和彦 (広島大)
Kazuhiko Hayakawa (Hiroshima)
Alternative Over-identifying Restriction Test in GMM Estimation of Panel Data Models
October 30, Wed
加納 隆 (一橋大)
Takashi Kano (Hitotsubashi)
Exchange Rates and Fundamentals: Closing a Two-country Model
September 10, Tue

Mark Schankerman
Patents and Cumulative Innovation: Causal Evidence from the Courts
(with Alberto Galasso)
August 9, Fri

加藤 隆夫 (コルゲート大)
Takao Kato (Colgate)
Dynamics of the Gender Gap in the Workplace: An Econometric Case Study of a Large Japanese Firm
July 31, Wed

廣瀬 健一 (小樽商科大)
Ken-Ichi Hirose (Otaru Commerce)
Decreasing Marginal Impatience and Capital Accumulation in a Two-country World Economy (with Shinsuke Ikeda)
July 29, Mon

黒住 卓司 (日本銀行)
Takushi Kurozumi
(Bank of Japan)
Kinked Demand Curves, the Natural Rate Hypothesis, and Macroeconomic Stability
(with Willem Van Zandweghe)
July 18, Thu

小島 武仁 (スタンフォード大)
Fuhito Kojima (Stanford)
Efficient Matching under Distributional Constraints: Theory and Applications (with Yuichiro Kamada)
July 17, Wed

渡邊 直樹 (筑波大)
Naoki Watanabe (Tsukuba)
The Kernel of a Patent Licensing Game
July 10, Wed

Ryuichiro Ishikawa (Tsukuba)
Interbank Market Contagion by Mark-to-Market Accounting (with Takanori Ishikawa)
June 26, Wed

平野 智裕 (東京大)
Tomohiro Hirano (Tokyo)
Asset Bubbles and Bailouts
(with Masaru Inaba and Noriyuki Yanagawa)
June 17, Mon
3:30-5:30 PM
吉川 洋 (東京大)
Hiroshi Yoshikawa (Tokyo)
Stochastic Macro-equilibrium and a Microfoundation for the Keynesian Economics
June 12, Wed

室岡 健志 (UCバークレー)
Takeshi Murooka
(UC Berkeley)
Deception under Competitive Intermediation
June 5, Wed

林 貴志 (グラスゴー大)
Takashi Hayashi (Glasgow)
Gains from Trade (with Christopher P. Chambers)
May 29, Wed

中島 大輔 (小樽商科大)
Daisuke Nakajima
(Otaru Commerce)
Revealed Willpower
Exploiting Naive Consumers with Limited Willpower
(both are with Yusufcan Masatlioglu and Emre Ozdenoren)
May 13, Mon

大垣 昌夫 (慶應大)
Masao Ogaki (Keio / ISER)
Behavioral Public Economics based on Unconditional Love and Moral Virtue
April 17, Wed

平口良司 (立命館大)
Ryoji Hiraguchi
Time-Consistent Tax Policy in an Endogenous Growth Model with Quasi-Hyperbolic Discounting
April 10, Wed

Carmen Bevia Baeza
(U Autonoma de Barcelona)
Meritocracy, Egalitarianism and the Stability of Majoritarian Organizations
(with Salvador Barbera and Clara Ponsati)
March 13, Wed

川越 敏司 (はこだて未来大)
Toshiji Kawagoe
(Future Univ. Hakodate)
Affirmative Action in School Choice Problem: An Experiment
(with Taisuke Matsubae and Hirokazu Takizawa)
March 4, Mon
3:00-4:30 PM
Nicholas Baigent
Total Violence
February 21, Thu

Chew Soo Hong
How Does Familiarity Breed Investment: GABAergic Modulation of Amygdala Response to Familiarity
January 30, Wed

堀 健夫 (青山学院大)
Takeo Hori (Aoyama)
Competition, Productivity Growth and Structural Change
(with Taisuke Uchino)