December 26, Fri
Takashi Yamagata
(University of York, Heslington)
Estimation of Correlated Random Coefficient Models for Short Panels with a Multi-Factor Error Structure
December 5,

Yu Awaya
(Penn State University)
On Tacit versus Explicit Collusion
December 3, Wed

第17回 社研・森口賞入選者報告会 / The 17th ISER・Moriguchi Prize Winners
3:00-3:45 田村 翔平 (東北大学)
Shohei Tamura
(Tohoku University)
A Characterization of Minimal Impartial Rules for Awarding Prizes
3:45-4:30 安藤 道人 (国立社会保障・
Michihito Ando
(National Institute of Population and Social Security Research,Uppsala University)
Dreams of Urbanization: Quantitative Case Studies on the Local Impacts of Nuclear Power Facilities using the Synthetic Control Method
November 26, Wed

Shurojit Chatterji
(Singapore Management University)
A Characterization of Single-Peaked Preferences via Random Social Choice Functions
Sept. 22, Mon

Debasis Mishra
(Indian Statistical Institute)
Ordinal Bayesian Incentive Compatibility with Generic Priors
August 18,

Alex Teytelboym
Trading Networks with Bilateral Contracts
August 8, Fri
Room 409, Bldg. A
菅谷 拓生 (スタンフォード大学)
Takuo Sugaya
(Stanford University)
The Characterization of the Limit Equilibrium Payoff
Set with a Mediator and General Monitoring
July 15, Tue
Room 409, Bldg. A
Chew Soo Hong
(National University of Singapore)
Preference for Longshot: Evidence from a Large Stake Experiment
July 2, Wed
June 30, Mon
Room 409, Bldg. A
西田 充邦
Mitsukuni Nishida
(Johns Hopkins CBS)
Search, Price Dispersion, and Local Competition: Estimating Heterogeneous Search Cost in the Retail Gasoline Markets
(with Marc Remer)
June 25, Wed
Room 409, Bldg. A
重岡 仁 (サイモンフレーザー大学)
Hitoshi Shigeoka
(Simon Fraser University)
Do Risk Preferences Change? Evidence from Panel Data Before and After the Great East Japan Earthquake (with Chie Hanaoka and Yasutora Watanabe)
June 4, Wed
Room 409, Bldg. A
James Schummer
(Northwestern University)
Incentives in Landing Slot Problems

May 28⇒22, Thu
Room 409, Bldg. A
Debasis Mishra
(Indian Statistical Institute)
Continuous Cardinal Incentive Compatible Mechanisms are Ordinal
May 21, Wed
Room 409, Bldg. A
William Thomson
(University of Rochester)
On the Manipulation of Allocation Rules through Endowments and Preferences
Room 409, Bldg. A
山村 英司 (西南学院大学)
Eiji Yamamura
(Seinan Gakuin University)
Identity, Nostalgia and Happiness among Migrants: The Case of the Koshien High School Baseball Tournament in Japan
May 15, Thu
Room 409, Bldg. A
Krishnendu Ghosh Dastidar
(Jawaharlal Nehru University/ ISER)
Scoring Auctions with Non-Quasilinear Scoring Rules
April 24, Thu

河村 耕平 (エディンバラ大学)
Kohei Kawamura
(University of Edinburgh)
Expert Information and Majority Decisions (with Vasileios Vlaseros)
March 5, Wed
大西 健 (ノースウェスタン大学)
Ken Onishi
(Northwestern University)
Quantity Discounts and Capital Misallocation in Vertical Relationships
February 26, Wed

清田 耕造 (慶應義塾大学)
Kozo Kiyota (Keio University)
The Effect of Moving to a Territorial Tax System on Profit Repatriations: Evidence from Japan (with Makoto Hasegawa)
February 20, Thu

早川 仁 (東京大学)
Hitoshi Hayakawa
(University of Tokyo)
Complexity of Payment Network
February 19, Wed

二神 孝一 (大阪大学)
Kouichi Futagami
(Osaka University)
Welfare and Tax Policies with Non-Unitary Discounting (with Takeo Hori, Ryoji Ohdoi)
February 5,

LEUNG Ka Yui Charles
(City U Hong Kong)
Flippers in the Housing Market
January 22, Wed
村田 安寧 (日本大学)
Yasusada Murata
(Nihon University)
Spatial Frictions
(with Kristian Behrens, Giordano Mion, Jens Sudekum)
January 7,
In-Uck Park
(University of Bristol)