Mon, December 18 Bhaskar Dutta
(The University of Warwick)
Coalition Formation and History Dependence (with Hannu Vartiainen)
Tue, December 12 Shmuel Nitzan
(Bar-Ilan University, Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study)
The significance of choice functions: Two political economy illustrations
December 6, Wed
at Room 215
第20回 社研・森口賞入選者報告会 / The 20th ISER・Moriguchi Prize Winners
14:00-15:30 野田 俊也 (Stanford University)
Shunya Noda (Stanford University)
Full Surplus Extraction and within-period Ex Post Implementation in Dynamic Environments
15:40-17:10 安東 宇 (Columbia University)
Sakai Ando (Columbia University)
Size-dependent Policies and Efficient Firm Creation
Wed, November 22 Defu Li
(Tongji University)
What Determines the Direction of Technological Progress? (with Benjamin Bental)
Thu, November 16 Chongwoo Choe
(Monash University/ ISER)
Competitive Personalized Pricing with Sophisticated Consumers (with Zhijun Chen and Noriaki Matsushima)
Tue, November 14 Barton L. Lipman
(Boston University)
Mechanisms with Evidence: Commitment and Robustness (with Elchanan Ben-Porath and Eddie Dekel)
Thu, September 21 Abraham Neyman
(Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Cooperative Strategic Games (with Elon Kohlberg)
Mon, August 28 Wing Suen
(University of Hong Kong)
Learning while Experimenting (with Ettore Damiano and Li, Hao)
Wed, August 9 IER 2017 Lawrence R. Klein Lecture
at Room 215 John List
(The University of Chicago)
The Science of Using Science:  Scaling Field Experiments in Economics
Wed, July 26 山本 洋子(ブラウン大学)
Yoko Yamamoto
(Brown University)
Social Stratification and Educational Processes
Tue, July 25 James Schummer
(Northwestern University)
Influencing Waiting Lists
Thu, July 20 小島 武仁(スタンフォード大学)
Fuhito Kojima
(Stanford University)
Fair Matching under General Constraints (with Yuichiro Kamada)
Wed, July 12 粟屋 祐(ロチェスター大学)
Yu Awaya
(University of Rochester)
Communication and Cooperation in Repeated Games (with Vijay Krishna)
Wed, June 28 Tridib Sharma
(Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México/ ISER)
On The Optimal Allocation of a Good Good with Common Values
Tue, June 27
at room 215
Klarizze Anne Martin Puzon
(Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)
Rent-seeking and Endogenous Property Rights Selection: an Experiment
Thu, June 22 GSE-OSIPP-ISER Joint Seminar in Economics
at Room 701, Graduate School of Law & Economics Building, Toyonaka Campus
15:20-16:50 Yuichi Yamamoto
(University of Pennsylvania)
We can cooperate even when the monitoring structure will never be known
17:00-18:30 Yeon-Koo Che
(Columbia University)
Optimal Sequential Decision with Limited Attention (with Konrad Mierendorff)
Wed, June 21 渡辺 誠
Makoto Watanabe
(VU University Amsterdam)
Multiproduct Intermediaries (with Andrew Rhodes and Jidong Zhou)
Tue, June 13 岡 達志
Tatsushi Oka
(National University of Singapore)
Quantile Treatment Effects in Difference in Differences Models under Dependence Restrictions and with only Two Time Periods (with Brantly Callaway and Tong Li)
Mon, June 5
at room 215
Toan Phan
(UNC Chapel Hill)
Bubbly Recessions (with Siddhartha Biswas and Andrew Hanson)
Wed, May 24 Dov Samet
(Tel Aviv University)
Weakdominance: A mystery cracked (with John Hillas)
Tue, May 23 国本 隆(シンガポールマネージメント大学)
Takashi Kunimoto
(Singapore Management University)
Rationalizable Implementation of Correspondences (with Roberto Serrano)
Wed, February 22
at Room 409
<博士号候補者公開研究業績報告会 / Doctoral Dissertation Presentation>
13:30-15:00 潘 聡 (大阪大学)
Cong Pan (Osaka University)
Essays on Two Patterns of Competition: Interbrand or Intrabrand
15:30-17:00 吉田 翔平 (大阪大学)
Shohei Yoshida (Osaka University)
Essays on market competition and firm strategies