Wed, December 19 Mostafa Beshkar
(Indiana University)
Interdependence of Trade Policies in General Equilibrium (with Ahmad Lashkaripour)
Wed, December 12 Xiaoping Chen
(Nanyang Technological University)
A Model of Trade with Endogenous Product Design
Thu, December 6
at Room 215
第21回 社研・森口賞入選者報告会/The 21st ISER Moriguchi Prize Presentations
13:30-14:30 青柳 潤
Jun Aoyagi (University of California at Berkeley)
Strategic Speed Choice by High-Frequency Traders under Speed Bumps
14:40-15:40 笠松 怜史(東京大学)
Satoshi Kasamatsu (University of Tokyo)
When Populism Meets Globalization:Analysis of Tax Competition (with Daiki Kishishita)
15:50-16:50 Gabriel Fuentes Cordoba
(Tohoku University)
Does the Recognition of Indigenous Territories Impact Household Economic Situations? Evidence from Western Panama
Wed, November 7
Shmuel Nitzan
(Bar-Ilan University, Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study)
Conditioning Sovereign Debt Relief on Democratization
Wed, November 7
Dov Samet
(Tel Aviv University)
Wed, October 10 Maoliang Bu
(Nanjing University)
Globalization and Environmental Sustainable Development in China: An International Business Perspective
Wed, October 3 平野 智裕(東京大学)
Tomohiro Hirano
(University of Tokyo)
The Wobbly Economy (with Joseph E. Stiglitz)
Fri, September 14
Kwanho Shin
(Korea University)
Financial Stress in Lender Countries and Capital Outflows from Emerging Market Economies
Thu, August 23
Ning Sun
(Nanjing Audit University)
Job Matching under Constraints (with Fuhito Kojima and Ning Neil Yu)
Fri, July 27 林 貴志(グラスゴー大学)
Takashi Hayashi
(University of Glasgow)
Investment in Time Preference and Long-run Distribution
Thu, July 26 Rakesh V. Vohra
(University of Pennsylvania)
Network Formation & Systemic Risk (with Selman Erol)
Thu, July 12 船木 由喜彦(早稲田大学)
Yukihiko Funaki
(Waseda University)
Unrestricted Bargaining Experiment on Three-person Cooperative Games
Cancelled due to the bad weather, July 6 Mengxiao Liu
(Syracuse University)
Judicial Quality, Relative Efficiency, and Firm Boundary Decisions (with Elhanan Helpman and Daniel Trefler)
Wed, July 4 Marc Willinger
(University of Montpellier)
Consumption Smoothing and Subjective Discounting under Background Risk (with Mickaël Beaud)
Tue, June 12
Seungwon (Eugene) Jeong
(University of Bristol)
Referral Incentive Design (with Joosung Lee)
Tue, June 12
粟屋 祐(ロチェスター大学)
Yu Awaya
(University of Rochester)
Information Exchange in Cartels
Wed, June 6 片桐 満(国際通貨基金)
Mitsuru Katagiri
(International Monetary Fund)
Equilibrium Yield Curve, the Phillips Curve, and Monetary Policy
Mon, June 4 Kevin Huang
(Vanderbilt University)
Foreign Exchange Reserves as a Tool for Capital Account Management in a Small Open Economy (with J. Scott Davis, Ippei Fujiwara and Jiao Wang)
Thu, May 31 Ali Ozkes
(Aix-Marseille School of Economics)
The Effects of Strategic Environment, Communication, and Cognitive Skills on Cooperation (with Nobuyuki Hanaki)
Fri, May 25 村田 安寧(日本大学)
Yasusada Murata
(Nihon University)
Quantifying the Gap between Equilibrium and Optimum Under Monopolistic Competition (with Kristian Behrens, Giordano Mion and Jens Suedekum)
Thu, May 24 Andrew Mackenzie
(Maastricht University)
Club Good Mechanisms: from Free-riders to Citizen-shareholders, from Impossibility to Characterization (with Christian Trudeau)
Thu, May 24
Tong Wang
(Waseda University)
Purchasing Seats for High School Admission in China (with Congyi Zhou)
Wed, May 23 Hulya Eraslan
(Rice University)
Learning While Setting Precedents (with Ying Chen)
Fri, May 18 奥井 亮(上海紐約大学)
Ryo Okui
(NYU Shanghai)
Belief Formation Under Signal Correlation (with Tanjim Hossain)
Thu, May 10 Jesper Bagger
(Royal Holloway, University of London)
Equilibrium Labor Allocation and Income Taxation
Wed, April 25 瀧塚 寧孝(日本銀行)
Yasutaka Takizuka
(Bank of Japan)
Population Aging and the Real Interest Rate in the Last and Next 50 Years: A tale told by an Overlapping Generations Model (with Nao Sudo)
Tue, April 24
(Date changed)
Eungik Lee
(Seoul National University)
Probability Weighting and Cognitive Ability (with Syngjoo Choi, Jeongbin Kim, and Jungmin Lee)
Thu, April 19 Ming Li
(Concordia University)
Ambiguous Persuasion (with Dorian Beauchêne and Jian Li)
Wed, April 18 Jie Gong
(National University of Singapore)
Incentive Design on MOOC
Mon, April 2
Daniel Marszalec
(University of Tokyo)
Don't Fear the Simplicity - An Experimental Analysis of Auctions For Complements
Mon, April 2 Alex Teytelboym
(Oxford University)
Trading Networks with Frictions (with Tamas Fleiner, Ravi Jagadeesan and Zsuzanna Janko)
Wed, March 28 孫 寧(南京審計学院)
Ning Sun
(Nanjing Audit University)
Matching and Rematching with Commitment(with Zaifu Yang)
Fri, March 23 Hannes Mueller
(IAE-CSIC/Barcelona GSE)
The Hard Problem of Prediction for Prevention: Reading Between the Lines (with Christopher Rauh)
Tue, March 13
(Time changed)

齊藤 誠(一橋大学)
Makoto Saito
(Hitotsubashi University)
On the Possibility of Deflationary Equilibria with Monetary Expansion: A Reconciliation between the Fiscal Theory of the Price Level and the Quantity Theory of Money
Thu, March 8Eric W. Bond
(Vanderbilt University)
Border Adjustments, Cash Flow Taxes, and Transfer Pricing (with Thomas A. Gresik)
Mon, March 5 Zhihong Yu
(University of Nottingham )
Managing Trade: Evidence from China and the US (with Nick Bloom, John Van Reenen, Stephen Sun and Kalina Manova)
Tue, February 27 国本 隆
Takashi Kunimoto
(Singapore Management University)
Getting Dynamic Implementation to Work (with Yi-Chun Chen, Richard Holden, Yifei Sun and Tom Wilkening
Wed, February 21 Yongseung Jung
(Kyung Hee University/ISER)
Gains from Cooperation, Macroeconomic Interdependence, and Price Stability in Open Economies
Wed, February 7 仲田 泰祐(連邦準備制度理事会)
Taisuke Nakata
(Federal Reserve Board)
The Risky Steady State and the Interest Rate Lower Bound (with Timothy Hills and Sebastian Schmidt)
Wed, January 24 楡井 誠(東京大学)
Makoto Nirei
(University of Tokyo)
Endogenous Inflation Fluctuations and Optimal Inflation Target
Mon, January 22 渡辺 誠
Makoto Watanabe
(VU University Amsterdam)
Banking Panics and the Lender of Last Resort in a Monetary Economy (with Tarishi Matsuoka)
Thu, January 18 Pablo Guillen Alvarez
(The University of Sydney)
Stress Testing Matching Theory in the Laboratory: Three Experimental Studies
Tue, January 9 粟屋 祐(ロチェスター大学)
Yu Awaya
(University of Rochester)
A Model of Collateral (with Hiroki Fukai and Makoto Watanabe)