Thu, December 19
陣内 了(一橋大学)
Ryo Jinnai
(Hitotsubashi University)
Recurrent Bubbles and Economic Growth (with Pablo Guerron-Quintana and Tomohiro Hirano)
Tue, December 17
Liyan Shi
(Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance)
Private Information and Repurchase Options in Competitive Search Markets (with Saki Bigio)
Wed, December 11
at Room 215
第22回 社研・森口賞入選者報告会/The 22nd ISER Moriguchi Prize Presentations
13:30-14:30 星 紀翔(一橋大学)
Kisho Hoshi(Hitotsubashi University)
Medical Schools, Access to Doctors and Health Outcomes: Evidence from“One Prefecture, One Medical School Policy”in Japan
14:40-15:40 岸下 大樹(東京大学)
Daiki Kishishita (University of Tokyo)
Contagion of Populist Extremism (with Atsushi Yamagishi)
15:50-16:50 黒石 悠介
Yusuke Kuroishi (London School of Economics and Political Science)
The Role of Trademarks in International Trade: Evidence from Chinese Exporters in the African Tyre Industry
Wed, October 30
大垣 昌夫(慶應義塾大学)
Masao Ogaki
(Keio University)
How to Protect the Quality of Childcare When a University or a Hospital Uses a Consignment Contract: A Study of the Public, Market, and Community Mechanisms (with Fumio Ohtake, Tokushi Okura, Naoko Okuyama,Shusaku Sasaki and Nobuaki Yamamoto)
Fri, October 25
小島 寛之(帝京大学)
Hiroyuki Kojima
(Teikyo University)
Lack Aversion and the Utility of Money (with Takao Asano, Yoshiyasu Ono and Akihisa Shibata)
Wed, September 11
Jean-Baptiste Michau
(Ecole Polytechnique)
Helicopter Drops of Money and Secular Stagnation
Wed, September 4
Sun-Bin Kim
(Yonsei University)
Cross-Sectional and Aggregate Labor Supply (with Yongsung Chang, Kyooho Kwon and Richard Rogerson)
Fri, August 9
James Schummer
(Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University)
Revenue from Matching Platforms (with Philip Marx)
Fri, August 9
国本 隆
Takashi Kunimoto
(Singapore Management University)
Maskin Meets Abreu and Matsushima (with Yi-Chun Chen, Yifei Sun and Siyang Xiong)
Thu, August 1
Hulya Eraslan
(Rice University)
Efficiency with Political Power Dynamics and Costly Policy Change (with Adriana Piazza)
Thu, August 1
Ying Chen
(Johns Hopkins University)
Sequential Vote Buying (with Jan Zapal)
Thu, July 25 戸田 アレクシ 哲
Alexis Akira Toda
(University of California San Diego)
Pareto Extrapolation: Bridging Theoretical and Quantitative Models of Wealth Inequality
Wed, July 24 Serguey Branguinsky
(Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland; ISER, Osaka University)
Product Innovation, Product Diversification and Firm Growth: Evidence from Japan's Early Industrialization (with Atsushi Ohyama, Tetsuji Okazaki and Chad Syverson)
Wed, July 17 Doh-Shin Jeon
(Toulouse School of Economics )
Homophily in Social Media and News Polarization (with Luis Abreu)
Wed, July 10 Stefan Borsky
(University of Graz)
Natural Disasters and Firms' Export Decision
Tue, June 25

粟屋 祐
Yu Awaya
(University of Rochester)
Startups and Upstarts (with Vijay Krishna)
Thu, June 20

Gregory Casey
(Williams College)
Energy Efficiency and Directed Technical Change: Implications for Climate Change Mitigation
Mon, June 17
郡山 幸雄
Yukio Koriyama (Ecole Polytechnique, CREST)
The Winner-Take-All Dilemma (with Kazuya Kikuchi)
Mon, June 17
Christopher Paik
(NYU Abu Dhabi)
Trade and Political Fragmentation on the Silk Roads: The Economic and Cultural Effects of Historical Exchange between China and the Muslim East (with Lisa Blaydes)
Wed, June 12 牧岡 亮(独立行政法人経済産業研究所)
Ryo Makioka
(Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry)
Decomposing the Effect of SNAP
Mon, June 10
Nguyen Thang Dao
(Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change)
Gender Inequality and Demographic Transition in Developing and Least Developed Countries
Fri, June 7
Andrew Mackenzie
(Maastrict University)
Plausible Conformity Mechanisms (with Yu Zhou)
Fri, June 7
Patrick Legros
(Université libre de Bruxelles, ECARES)
College Diversity and Investment Incentives (with Thomas Gall and Andrew Newman)
Thu, June 6 Wei (James) Chen
(College of Psychology and Sociology, Shenzhen University)
Pupil Dilation and Attention: Application in Consumer Choice & Learning (with Ian Krajbich)
Wed, June 5 田中 万理(一橋大学)
Mari Tanaka
(Hitotsubashi University)
Meritocracy and Its Discontents: Evidence from Centralizing and Decentralizing School Admissions
Wed, May 29
Donghoon Yoo
(Employment Policy Research Division, Korea Labor Institute)
Ambiguous Information, Permanent Income, and Consumption Fluctuations
Wed, May 29
西山 慎一(京都大学)
Shinichi Nishiyama
(Kyoto University)
Fertility, Education, and Economic Growth
Wed, May 22 Partha Sen
(Indian Institute of Foreign Trade)
Anyone for Social Security Reform?
Fri, May 10
Asen Kochov
(University of Rochester)
Coarse Contingencies and Sequential Trade
Fri, May 10
高橋 悟
Satoru Takahashi
(National University of Singapore)
On Information Design in Games (with Stephen Morris and Daisuke Oyama)
Wed, May 8 吉川 歩
Ayumu Ken Kikkawa
(Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia)
Imperfect Competition in Firm-to-Firm Trade (with Glenn Magerman and Emmanuel Dhyne)
Tue, April 23 Asen Kochov
(University of Rochester)
Repeated Games with Endogenous Discounting
Fri, April 5
Michele Lombardi
(University of Glasgow Adam Smith Business School)
Do Coalitions Matter in Designing Institutions? (with Ville Korpela and Hannu Vartiainen)
Fri, April 5
Daniel Marszalec
(University of Tokyo)
Epic Fail: How Below-Bid Pricing Backfires in Multiunit Auctions (with Sanna Laksa and Alex Teytelboym)
Wed, April 3 Petros Sekeris
(Montpellier Business School)
Role of Markets and Preferences on Resource Conflicts (with Alex Dickson and Ian MacKenzie)
Tue, March 19 Marcella Scrimitore
(University of Salento)
Per Unit and Ad Valorem Royalties in a Patent Licensing Game (with Marta Montinaro)
Thu, March 14
Colin Davis
(Doshisha University)
Innovation Trade Patterns with Fully Endogenous Growth(with Ken-ichi Hashimoto)
Wed, March 6 Eric Bond
(Vanderbilt University)
Patent Protection in Developing Countries and Global Welfare: WTO Obligations Versus Flexibilities
Tue, March 5 高橋 悠太(一橋大学)
Yuta Takahashi
(Hitotsubashi University)
Discouraging Deviant Behavior in MonetaryEconomics (with Lawrence Christiano)
Wed, February 20 Zhigang Tao
(University of Hong Kong)
Did Trade Liberalization with China Influence U.S. Elections? (with Yi Che, Yi Lu, Justin R. Pierce and Peter K. Schott)
Mon, February 18 Ruth Tacneng
(University of Limoges)
Impact of Consumer Protection Policies on MFI Outreach and Portfolio Quality
Wed, February 13 笠原 博幸(ブリティッシュコロンビア大学・一橋大学)
Hiroyuki Kasahara
(University of British Columbia and Hitotsubashi University)
Grain Exports and China's Great Famine, 1959-1961: County-Level Evidence
Wed, January 30 Giacomo Rondina
(University of California, San Diego)
Samuelson's Dictum: Evidence, Theory, and Implications
Thu, January 24 Marco Pagnozzi
(University of Naples Federico II)
Vertical Contracting with Endogenous Market Structure (with Salvatore Piccolo and Markus Reisinger)
January 23
Mon, January 21 馬奈木 俊介(九州大学)
Shunsuke Managi
(Kyushu University)
Inclusive Wealth: Guiding Lamp Post for Sustainability and Well-being
Wed, January 16 若森 直樹(東京大学)
Naoki Wakamori
(University of Tokyo)
The Welfare Consequeces of Free Entry in Vertical Relationships: The Case of the MRI Market (with Ken Onishi, Chiyo Hashimoto and Shun-ichiro Bessho
Thu, January 10 Bengt Kristrom
(Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)
General Equilibrium Cost-Benefit Analysis