Analysis of Health and Activity Limitation Index (HALex), Its Distribution, andIts Distribution by Income in Japan, 1989 and 1998
Yukiko Asada and Yasushi Ohkusa
November 2002
No. 568
Compensating Wage Differentials among Self-Employed Workers:Evidence from Job Satisfaction Scores
Daiji Kawaguchi
June 2002
No. 567
Peer Effects on Substance Use among American Teenagers
Daiji Kawaguchi
May 2002
No. 566
Efficient Collusion in Repeated Auctions with Communication
Masaki Aoyagi
May 2002
No. 565
Should the Coinsurance Rate be Increased in the Case of the Common Cold? ―An Analysis Based on an Original Survey―
Yasushi Ohkusa and Masako Ii
May 2002
No. 564
Are the Japanese Selfish, Altruistic, or Dynastic? (in Japanese: 「日本人は利己的か、利他的か、王朝的か?」)
Charles Yuji Horioka
April 2002
No. 563
Labor Market Segmentation and Long-Term Employment Policy (in Japanese: 「労働市場の二極化と長期雇用システム」)
Young-Jun Lee
March 2002
No. 562
Ethical Foundations of Equality and Equalization (in Japanese: 「平等と平等化の思想的基礎」)
Atsushi Tsuneki
January 2002
No. 561
Horizontal Inequity in Health Care Utilization in Japan
Chika Honda and Yasushi Ohkusa
January 2002