No. 490
Conjoint Analysis for the Demand of Health Care related to Common Cold,
Wataru Suzuki and Yasushi Ohkusa
November 1999
No. 489
Technological Comparative Advantage and Behavior of Factor Prices with Trade
Kwan Koo Yun and Jiro Akita
December 1999
No. 488
Partial Communication in a Voluntary Contribution Mechanism Experiment
Shinya Kinukawa, Tatsuyoshi Saijo and Masashi Une
November 1999 (Pacific Economic Review 5(3), pp.411-428に掲載)
No. 487
Are Americans More Altruistic than the Japanese? A U.S.-Japan Comparison of Saving and Bequest Motives
Charles Yuji Horioka, Hideki Fujisaki, Wako Watanabe and Takatsugu Kouno
November 1999
No. 486
Conjoint Analysis for Demand of Elderly Care, (in japanese: 「Conjoint Analysis を用いた介護需要関数の推定」)
Wataru Suzuki and Yasushi Ohkusa
October 1999
No. 485
Estimation of Fatigue Cost of Commuting and Optimum Congestion Farel, (in Japanese: 「通勤の疲労コストと最適混雑料金の測定」)
Tatsuo Hatta and Hisaki Yamaga
July 1999
No. 484
Significance in Welfare of Social Service Supply by NPO and Government, (in Japanese: 「非営利団体、自治体による社会福祉サービス供給の経済厚生上の意義」)
Koji Hamada
July 1999
No. 483
A Theory of Optimum Tariff under Revenue Constraint
Tatsuo Hatta and Yoshitomo Ogawa
July 1999
No. 482
Japan's Public Pension System in the Twenty-First Century
Charles Yuji Horioka
June 1999
No. 481
Neutrality of Housing Lease Law Examined, (in Japanese: 「検討:借地借家法の中立性」)
Kiyoshi Kuga
June 1999
No. 480
The Optimal Face Value of a Discount Coupon
Uri Ben-Zion, Aharon Hibshoosh and Uriel Spiegel
May 1999
No. 479
Herd Behavior of Japanese Economists
Masahiro Ashiya and Takero Doi
May 1999
No. 478
Is There Any Substitution Between Medical Services and Over-the-Counter Medications in the Case of the Common Cold? Analysis Based on an Original Survey?
Masako Ii and Yasushi Ohkusa
April 1999
No. 477
Graying Employees and Declining Employment Opportunities: Job Flows at Large-sized Japanese Establishments in the 1990s (inJapanese: 「従業員の高齢化と雇用機会の減退─90年代における大規模事業所の雇用変動─」)
Yuji Genda
April 1999
No. 476
Brand Proliferation Is Useless to Deter Entry
Masahiro Ashiya
April 1999