No. 523
A Proposal for a More Market-Oriented Policy on Long-Term Care Industries in Japan: A Policy Evaluation Based on an Original Data (in Japanese:「介護サービス産業への市場原理導入を徹底せよ―事業者アンケートに基づく現状評価と課題―」)
Wataru Suzuki and Hidenori Satake
January 2001

No. 522
An Empirical Research of Substitutability between Medical Services and Over-the-Counter Medication. An Analysis of Thirteen Different Minor Ailments
Masako Ii and Yasushi Ohkusa
December 2000

No. 521
The Impact of the Fixed Term Tenancy Law on Housing Rent (in Japanese:「定期借家権制度が家賃に与える影響」)
Fumio Ohtake and Hisaki Yamaga
December 2000

No. 520
An Empirical Research for Demand of Influenza Vaccination (in Japanese: 「インフルエンザ予防接種の需要分析」)
Masako Ii and Yasushi Ohkusa
December 2000

No. 519
Tariffs, Time Preference, and the Current Account under Weakly Nonseparable Preferences
Shinsuke Ikeda
October 2000

No. 518
Are the Elderly Over-Annuitized in Japanese Public Pension System? Empirical Analysis Using Annuity Offset Mode (in Japanese: 「厚生年金・救済年金の給付水準は過剰か?─年金相殺モデルを用いた検証─」)
Wataru Suzuki
October 2000

No. 517
The Net Debt of Public Nursing Care Insurance and Interngenerational Inequity in Japan (in Japanese:「介護保険債務と介護保険を通じた世代間所得移転」)
Yanfei Zhou and Wataru Suzuki
October 2000

No. 516
Economic Consequences of Japan's Isolationism on Global Warming (in Japanese:「地球温暖化:環境鎖国の経済的帰結」)
Takao Kusakawa and Tatsuyoshi Saijo
September 2000 (『経済セミナー』 2000年12月号(No.551), pp.36-41に掲載 )

No. 515
Price Desclosure, Marginal Abatement Cost Information and Market Power in a Bilateral GHG Emissions Trading Experiment
Yoichi Hizen and Tatsuyoshi Saijo
August 2000

No. 514
The Outsider and Sunk Cost Effects on 'Dango' in Public Procurement Bidding: An Experimental Analysis
Mitsuhiro Nihashi, Tatsuyoshi Saijo and Masashi Une
July 2000

No. 513
Japanese GDP Forecasters Are Pressimistic in Boom, Optimistic in Recession, and Always Too Jumpy
Masahiro Ashiya
June 2000

No. 512
Does the Free-rider Problem Occur in Corporate Takeovers? Evidence from Laboratory Markets
Shin'ichi Hirota, Tatsuyoshi Saijo, Yasuyo Hamaguchi and Toshiji Kawagoe
June 2000

No. 511
An Empirical Evidence of Moral Hazard due to Unemployment Benefits,
Yasushi Ohkusa
June 2000

No. 510
Emergence of New Industries and Endogenous Growth Cycles
Ryo Horii
June 2000

No. 509
Empirical Analysis of Subsidy Schemes in Japanese National Health Insurance (in Japanese:「国民健康保険に対する補助金制度の実証分析」)
Wataru Suzuki
May 2000

No. 508
Economic Analysis of the Uninsured in Japanese National Pension System (in Japanese: 「国民年金未加入者の経済分析」)
Wataru Suzuki and Yanfei Zhou
May 2000

No. 507
Labor Relations, Labor Law and Unemployment in Japan
Atsushi Tsuneki
May 2000

No. 506
The Sensitivity Analysis of the Optimal Length of Life 〜The Numrical Approach〜
Ken Tabata and Yasushi Ohkusa
April 2000

No. 505
Bank Lending in Japan: Its Dterminants and Macroeconomic Implications
Kazuo Ogawa and Shin-ichi Kitasaka
April 2000

No. 504
Experimental Economics in Finance: A Study of the Takeover Mechanism (in Japanese: 「金融の実験経済学―テークオーバー・メカニズムに関する考察―」)
Shin'ichi Hirota, Tatsuyoshi Saijo, Yasuyo Hamaguchi and Toshiji Kawagoe
March 2000 (『フィナンシャル・レビュー』第53号,2000年4月,pp.58-83に掲載)

No. 503
Weakly Nonseparable Preference and the Current Account: Yes, There is a Harberger-Laursen-Metzler Effect,
Shinsuke Ikeda
March 2000

No. 502
Approach toward A Unified Health Insurance System: What can Japan Learn from the Korean Experience?
Soonwon Kwon and Wataru Suzuki
February 2000

No. 501
A Newly Developed Japanese Pneumonia and Influenza Mortality Model and Statistical Analysis of Excess Mortality by Stochastic Frontier Estimation
Nahoko Sindo, Masako Ii, Yasushi Ohkusa and Kiyosu Taniguchi
February 2000

No. 500
Necessity of the Earnings-related Component of the Public Pension (in Japanese: 「公的年金の報酬比例部分の必要性」)
Koji Hamada
January 2000

No. 499
Emissions Trading: Theory and Experiment (in Japanese: 「排出権取引:理論と実験」)
Tatsuyoshi Saijo
January 2000 (『フィナンシャル・レビュー』第53号,2000年4月,pp.28-57に掲載)

No. 498
The Kyoto Mechanism: Consequence and Issues (in Japanese: 「京都メカニズムの意義と課題」)
Hidenori Niizawa and Tatsuyoshi Saijo
January 2000 (平岩外四監修『地球環境2000−'01』ミオシン出版 2000年2月 pp. 169-186 所収)

No. 497
Economic Consequences of EU's Proposal of Quantity Restraints on the Kyoto Mechanism (in Japanese: 「京都議定書上の排出取引等に対するEUの数量制約提案の経済的帰結」)
Kazunari Kaino, Tatsuyoshi Saijo and Takehiko Yamato
January 2000 (『エネルギー・資源』Vol. 21(2), 2000年3月, pp.38-42に掲載)

No. 496
A Four Country Comparison of Spite, Cooperation and Errors in Voluntary Contribution Mechanisms
Jordi Brandts, Tatsuyoshi Saijo and Arthur Schram
January 2000

No. 495
Unions and the Decentralisation of Collective Bargaining in a Globalising World
Noel Gaston
January 2000

No. 494
Voluntary Participation Game Experiments with a Non-Excludable Public Good: Is Spitefulness a Source of Cooperation?
[without data] [with data]
Tatsuyoshi Saijo, Takehiko Yamato, Konomu Yokotani and Timothy N. Cason
January 2000

No. 493
Who Would Get Gains from EU's Quantity Restraint on Emissions Trading Institutions in the Kyoto Protocol?
Kazunari Kaino, Tatsuyoshi Saijo and Takehiko Yamato
January 2000

No. 492
Designing GHG Emissions Trading Institutions in the Kyoto Protocol: An Experimental Approach
Yoichi Hizen and Tatsuyoshi Saijo
January 2000

No. 491
Voluntary Participation and Spite in Public Good Provision Experiments: An International Comparison
Timothy N. Cason, Tatsuyoshi Saijo and Takehiko Yamato
January 2000