No. 705
Information and Disclosure in Strategic Trade Policy
Anthony Creane and Kaz Miyagiwa
December 2007
No. 704
Collusion and Research Joint Ventures
Kaz Miyagiwa
December 2007
No. 703
First-to-invent versus First-to-file: International Patent Law Harmonization and Innovation
Kaz Miyagiwa
November 2007
No. 702
The Profitable Suppression of Inventions: Technology Choice and Entry Deterrence
Anthony Creane and Kaz Miyagiwa
November 2007
No. 701
Determinants of Share of Risky Assets in Japan, (in Japanese:「日本における危険資産保有比率の決定要因」)
Yusuke Kinari and Yoshiro Tsutsui
October 2007
No. 700
From Duty to Right: The Role of Public Education in the Transition to Aging Societies,
Yoshiaki Sugimoto and Masao Nakagawa
October 2007
No. 699
Secure Implementation in Economies with Indivisible Objects and Money,
Yuji Fujinaka and Takuma Wakayama
October 2007 Supplementary Note
No. 698
The Measurement of Social Welfare
Atsushi Tsuneki
September 2007
No. 697
Does Pro-population Policy Raise Per Capita Consumption?
Ken-ichi Hashimoto and Yoshiyasu Ono
July 2007
No. 696
Banking Sector and Regional Economic Development in Japan: Financial Deeping and Convergence Hypotheses, (in Japanese:「銀行部門と地域の経済発展:金融深化と収束仮説」)
Chisako Yamane and Yoshiro Tsutsui
July 2007
No. 695
Koizumi Carried the Day: Did the Japanese Election Results Make People Happy and Unhappy?
Yoshiro Tsutsui, Miles Kimball and Fumio Ohtake
July 2007
No. 694
Foreign Direct Investment and Cost Uncertainty: Correlation and Learning Effects
Anthony Creane and Kaz Miyagiwa
July 2007
No. 693
Price Undertakings, VERs, and Foreign Direct Investment: The Case of Foreign Rivalry
Jota Ishikawa and Kaz Miyagiwa
July 2007
No. 692
Aging, Saving, and Public Pensions in Japan
Charles Yuji Horioka, Wataru Suzuki, and Tatsuo Hatta
June 2007
No. 691
Export, Foreign Direct Investment, and Joint Ventures: Learning the Rival's Costs through Propinquity
Anthony Creane and Kaz Miyagiwa
June 2007
No. 690
Belief Updating in Individual and Social Learning: A Field Experiment on the Internet
Shunichiro Sasaki and Toshiji Kawagoe
May 2007
No. 689
Is Usury Ceiling Regulation Justified? A Behavioral Economic Approach (in Japanese: 「上限金利規制の是非:行動経済学的アプローチ」
Yoshiro Tsutsui, Fumihiko Hiruma, Fumio Ohtake, and Shinsuke Ikeda
May 2007
No. 688
Attitudes toward the Income Gap: Japan-U.S. Comparison (in Japanese:「所得格差に対する態度:日米比較」)
Fumio Ohtake and Shinji Takenaka
April 2007
No. 687
Attitudes toward the Income Gap: Japan-U.S. Comparison
Fumio Ohtake and Shinji Takenaka
April 2007
No. 686
Coalitionally Strategy-Proof Rules in Allotment Economies of Homogeneous Indivisible Goods
Kentaro Hatsumi and Shigehiro Serizawa
March 2007 Revised July 2008 Revised February 2009 Supplementary Note
No. 685
Has Democratization Reduced Infant Mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa? Evidence from Micro Data
Masayuki Kudamatsu
March 2007 (The Ninth ISER-Moriguchi Prize (2007) Awarded Paper)
No. 684
A Survey of Household Saving Behavior in Japan
Charles Yuji Horioka
March 2007
No. 683
Queueing Problems with Two Parallel Servers
Youngsub Chun and Eun Jeong Heo
March 2007
No. 682
A Comment on Nishimura, Nakajima, and Kiyota's 'Does the Natural Selection Mechanism Still Work in Severe Recessions? Examination of the Japanese Economy in the 1990s'
Tae Okada and Charles Yuji Horioka
January 2007
No. 681
Information, Investment, and the Stock Market: A Study of Investment Revision Data of Japanese Manufacturing Industries
Kazuo Ogawa and Kazuyuki Suzuki
January 2007
No. 680
Credit Allocation of Japanese Banks in the 1990s: Evidence from the Short-term Economic Survey of Enterprises
Kazuo Ogawa
January 2007
No. 679
Time Discounting: Declining Impatience and Interval Effect
Yusuke Kinari, Fumio Ohtake and Yoshiro Tsutsui
January 2007