No. 954
The Hidden Curriculum and Social Preferences
Takahiro Ito, Kohei Kubota and Fumio Ohtake
December 2015
No. 953
Technology Transfer in the Market with Heterogeneous Consumers
Shohei Yoshida and Cong Pan
December 2015
No. 952
Historical Education Levels and Present-Day Non-Cognitive Skill
Eiji Yamamura
December 2015
No. 951
Money in the Equilibrium of Banking
Jin Cao and Gerhard Illing
December 2015
No. 950
Explaining Foreign Holdings of Asia’s Debt Securities: The Feldstein-Horioka Paradox Revisited
Charles Yuji Horioka, Akiko Terada-Hagiwara, and Takaaki Nomoto
November 2015
No. 949
Hierarchical Experimentation
Chia-Hui Chen and Junichiro Ishida
October 2015
No. 948
Pre-negotiation Commitment and Internalization in Public Good Provision through Bilateral Negotiations
Noriaki Matsushima and Ryusuke Shinohara
September 2015. Revised August 2017. (Originally entitled "The Efficiency of Monopolistic Provision of Public Goods through Simultaneous Bilateral Bargaining.")
No. 947
Fair Reallocation in Economies with Single-Peaked Preferences
Kazuhiko Hashimoto and Takuma Wakayama
September 2015
No. 946
Growth, Secular Stagnation and Wealth Preference
Yoshiyasu Ono
September 2015
No. 945
IS Imbalances and Current Account Surpluses in Japan: In Memory of Professor Ronald I. McKinnon
Charles Yuji Horioka
August 2015
No. 944
Development Accounting and International Trade
Hirokazu Ishise
August 2015
No. 943
Efficiency and Strategy-Proofness in Object Assignment Problems with Multi Demand Preferences
Tomoya Kazumura and Shigehiro Serizawa
August 2015
No. 942
The Impact of Monitoring in Infinitely Repeated Games: Perfect, Public, and Private
Masaki Aoyagi, V. Bhaskar and Guillaume R. Frechette
July 2015
No. 941
Impact of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident on the Body Mass Index of Children in Japan 2010-2014
Eiji Yamamura
July 2015
No. 940
Capital Heterogeneity as a Source of Comparative Advantage: Putty-Clay Technology in a Ricardian Model
Hirokazu Ishise
June 2015
No. 939
Knowledge Diffusion and Industry Growth: The Case of Japan’s Early Cotton Spinning Industry
Serguey Braguinsky
June 2015
No. 938
Should Brand Firms Always Take Pioneering Position?
Cong Pan
June 2015
No. 937
Fiscal Policy under Long-run Stagnation: A New Interpretation of the Multiplier Effect
Ryu-ichiro Murota and Yoshiyasu Ono
May 2015
No. 936
Strategic Dual Sourcing as a Driver for Free Revealing of Innovation
Noriaki Matsushima and Laixun Zhao
May 2015
No. 935
Multiproduct Competition in Vertically Related Industries
Shohei Yoshida
May 2015
No. 934
The Research Rankings of Major Economics Departments and Institutions in Japan, 2014: Evaluation by the Publications and Citation Output, (in Japanese:「5大学経済学研究科及び附置研究所の研究業績比較調査(2014年)」)
Koichi Futagami, Kazuya Kamiya, Shigehiro Serizawa and Akihisa Shibata
April 2015
No. 933
Comparison of Social Capital's Effect on Consideration of Suicide between Urban and Rural Areas
Eiji Yamamura
April 2015
No. 932
Losing Track of the Asset Markets: The Case of Housing and Stock
Kuang-Liang Chang, Nan-Kuang Chen and Charles Ka Yui Leung
April 2015
No. 931
Strategy-Proof Rule in Probabilistic Allocation Problem of an Indivisible Good and Money
Kazuhiko Hashimoto
April 2015
No. 930
Income-comparison Attitudes in the US and the UK: Evidence from Discrete-choice Experiments
Hitoshi Shigeoka and Katsunori Yamada
March 2015. Revised February 2016. (Originally entitled "Can We Steer Income Comparison Attitudes by Information Provision? Evidence from Randomized Survey Experiments in the US and the UK.")
No. 929
Decomposing the Effect of Height on Income in China: The Role of Market and Political Channels
Eiji Yamamura, Russell Smyth and Yan Zhang
March 2015
No. 928
Do Bank Loans and Local Amenities Explain Chinese Urban House Prices
Daisy J. Huang, Charles Ka Yui Leung and Baozhi Qu
March 2015
No. 927
Notions of Anonymity for Object Assignment: Impossibility Theorems
Hikaru Kondo and Shigehiro Serizawa
March 2015
No. 926
Activity, Time, and Subjective Happiness: An Analysis Based on an Hourly Web Survey
Hideaki Sakawa, Fumio Ohtake and Yoshiro Tsutsui
February 2015
No. 925
Characterizing Minimal Impartial Rules for Awarding Prizes
Shohei Tamura
January 2015 (The 17th ISER-Moriguchi Prize (2014) Awarded Paper)
No. 924
Happiness Before and After an Election: An Analysis Based on a Daily Survey Around Japan's 2009 Election
Yusuke Kinari, Fumio Ohtake, Miles Kimball, Shoko Morimoto and Yoshiro Tsutsui
January 2015
No. 923
Why Are Cabinet Supporters Happy?
Yoshiro Tsutsui, Shoko Yamane and Fumio Ohtake
January 2015
No. 922
Is University Sports an Advertisement in the Higher Education Market? An Analysis of the Hakone Long-Distance Relay Road Race in Japan
Eiji Yamamura
January 2015
No. 921
Relative Income Position and Happiness: Are Cabinet Supporters Different from Others in Japan?
Eiji Yamamura, Yoshiro Tsutsui and Fumio Ohtake
January 2015
No. 920
The Role of Sponsor and External Management on the Capital Structure of Asian-Pacific REITs: The Case of Australia, Japan, and Singapore
Dong Chen, Yanmin Gao, Mayank Kaul, Charles Ka Yui Leung and Desmond Tsang
January 2015
No. 919
A Tenure-Clock Problem
Chia-Hui Chen and Junichiro Ishida
January 2015
No. 918
Exclusive Contracts with Complementary Inputs
Hiroshi Kitamura, Noriaki Matsushima and Misato Sato
January 2015. Revised September 2015.