No. 988
Credit Booms, Debt Overhang and Secular Stagnation
Gerhard Illing, Yoshiyasu Ono, and Matthias Schlegl
December 2016. Revised November 2017. (Originally entitled "Asset Prices and Leverage in a Model of Persistent Stagnation.")
No. 987
On the Manipulability of Efficient Exchange Rules
Ryan Tierney
December 2016
No. 986
The Problem of Multiple Commons: A Market Design Approach
Ryan Tierney
December 2016
No. 985
Trends in Wage Inequality Within and Between Establishments: Evidence from Japanese Employer? Employee Matched Data (in Japanese:『事業所内・事業所間賃金格差の変遷 日本の事業所―労働者結合データによる考察』)
Mika Akesaka and Koyo Miyoshi
October 2016
No. 984
Welfare Analysis and Policy Implications in Melitz-type Model Where Markup Differs Across Industries
Kazuyoshi Ohki
October 2016
No. 983
Strategic Perils of Outsourcing: Sourcing Strategy and Product Positioning
Noriaki Matsushima and Cong Pan
October 2016
No. 982
What Determines Financial Literacy in Japan?
Yoshihiko Kadoya and Mostafa Saidur Rahim Khan
October 2016
No. 981
The Countervailing Power Hypothesis when Dominant Retailers Function as Sales Promoters
Noriaki Matsushima and Shohei Yoshida
October 2016. Revised July 2017.
No. 980
The Impact of Intergenerational Transfers on Household Wealth Inequality in Japan and the United States
Yoko Niimi and Charles Yuji Horioka
September 2016
No. 979
Peer Effects in Academic Performance
Ryohei Hayashi
September 2016
No. 978
Exclusive Contracts and Bargaining Power
Hiroshi Kitamura, Noriaki Matsushima and Misato Sato
September 2016
No. 977
A Possible Explanation of the ‘Exchange Rate Disconnect Puzzle': A Common Solution to Three Major Macroeconomic Puzzles?
Charles Yuji Horioaka and Nicholas Ford
July 2016
No. 976
Retailer's Product Line Choice with Manufacturer's Multichannel Marketing
Cong Pan
July 2016
No. 975
The Impact of Pre-marital Sex Ratios on Household Saving in Two Asian Countries: The Competitive Saving Motive Revisited
Charles Yuji Horioka and Akiko Terada-Hagiwara
July 2016
No. 974
The Research Rankings of Major Economics Departments and Institutions in Japan, 2015: Evaluation by the Publications and Citation Output (in Japanese:「9大学経済学研究科及び附置研究所の研究業績比較調査(2015年)」)
Koichi Futagami, Kazuya Kamiya, Shigehiro Serizawa and Akihisa Shibata
June 2016
No. 973
Are the Japanese Unique? Evidence from Household Saving and Bequest Behavior
Charles Yuji Horioka
June 2016
No. 972
Non-manipulability of Walrasian Mechanisms in Economies with a Large Number of Objects
Tomoya Tajika and Tomoya Kazumura
May 2016
No. 971
Strategy-Proofness and Efficiency for Non-quasi-linear Common-Tiered-Object Preferences: Characterization of Minimum Price Rule
Yu Zhou and Shigehiro Serizawa
May 2016
No. 970
Why Do Children Take Care of Their Elderly Parents? Are the Japanese Any Different?
Charles Yuji Horioka, Emin Gahramanov, Aziz Hayat, and Xueli Tang
May 2016
No. 969
The 'Real' Explanation of the PPP Puzzle
Nicholas Ford and Charles Yuji Horioka
April 2016
No. 968
Positive and Negative Effects of Social Status on Longevity: Evidence from Two Literary Prizes in Japan
Shusaku Sasaki, Hirofumi Kurokawa, Fumio Ohtake
April 2016. Revised May 2017. Secondly Revised February 2018.
No. 967
The Deep Historical Roots of Macroeconomic Volatility
Sam Hak Kan Tang and Charles Ka Yui Leung
April 2016.
No. 966
A Choice Experiment on Taxes: Are Income and Consumption Taxes Equivalent?
Hirofumi Kurokawa, Tomoharu Mori, and Fumio Ohtake
March 2016.
No. 965
Gradual Adjustment and Equilibrium Uniqueness under Noisy Monitoring
Ryota Iijima and Akitada Kasahara
March 2016 (The 18th ISER-Moriguchi Prize (2015) Awarded Paper)
No. 964
Strategy-Proof Probabilistic Mechanisms for Public Decision with Money
Kazuhiko Hashimoto and Kohei Shiozawa
March 2016
No. 963
Long-Term Effect of International Trade on the Gender Wage and Educational Gaps
Eiji Yamamura
March 2016
No. 962
The 'Real' Explanation of the Feldstein-Horioka Puzzle
Nicholas Ford and Charles Yuji Horioka
March 2016
No. 961
Strategy-Proofness on Bankruptcy Problems with an Indivisible Object
Kazuhiko Hashimoto and Yu Nakayama
February 2016
No. 960
Is Being Agreeable a Key to Success or Failure in the Labor Market?
Sun Youn Lee and Fumio Ohtake
February 2016
No. 959
The Welfare Effects of Attracting Foreign Direct Investment in the Presence of Unemployment
Yoshitomo Ogawa and Yoshiyasu Ono
February 2016
No. 958
Expanding Distribution Channels
Noriaki Matsushima
February 2016
No. 957
Some Observations on the Nation State(II) ―Its Institutions and Ideas (in Japanese: 「国民国家に関する覚書(II)―その制度と理念」)
Atsushi Tsuneki
February 2016
No. 956
Gender Wage Gap and its Effect on Test Scores of Immigrant Students
Eiji Yamamura
February 2016
No. 955
Public Debt, Economic Growth and the Real Interest Rate: A Panel VAR Approach to EU and OECD Countries
Kazuo Ogawa, Elmer Sterken and Ichiro Tokutsu
January 2016