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Klein Lecture series

The IER inaugurated annual Klein Lecture series in 1997. Every third lecture is held in Osaka, and past Osaka speakers have included Fumio Hayashi (University of Tokyo, 1999), Nobuhiro Kiyotaki (Princeton University, 2002), Kiminori Matsuyama (Northwestern University, 2005), Oded Galor (Brown University, 2008), Ernst Fehr (University of Zurich, 2011), Alvin Roth (Stanford University, 2014), and John List (The University of Chicago, 2017). These lectures feature some of the most prominent economists in the world and are later published in the IER.

2014 Lawrence R. Klein Lecture

Prof. Alvin Roth (2012 Winner Nobel Prize in Economics)

Title: The Economist as Engineer
2014.12.19 (Fri.)
TOWER-C, Knowledge Capital, Grand Front Osaka

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