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Open Survey Data
Japan Household Panel Survey on Consumer Preferences and Satisfaction (JHPS-CPS)

Survey data collected by the 21st Century COE Program, its successor the Global COE Program, JSPS KAKENHI ‘Behavioral-Economic Analysis of Long-Run Stagnation(15H05728)' and ‘Economic stagnation and widening wealth inequality: Crises of the world economy and a construction of a unified macroeconomic theory'(20H05631)’(2020-) are available only for research.

The US, China, and India Survey data are available for replicating and verifying the results reported in the papers written and published based on these data.
Please note that we are unable to answer any inquiries regarding these survey data due to the absence of the person in charge.
We assume no responsibility for any adverse consequences arising out of the use of the data.

Disclaimers for Using Datasets from the Preference Parameters Study in the US by Osaka University.