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Title Author
October 2021 Signaling under Double-Crossing Preferences (with Chia-Hui Chen and Wing Suen), Econometrica, forthcoming Junichiro Ishida
October 2021 The Net Effect of Advice on Strategy-Proof Mechanisms: An Experiment for the Vickrey Auction (with Takehito Masuda, Toyotaka Sakai, Takuma Wakayama), Experimental Economics, forthcoming Shigehiro Serizawa and Ryo Mikami
August 2021 Data-driven mergers and personalization (co-authored with Zhijun Chen, Chongwoo Choe, and Jiajia Cong) The RAND Journal of Economics, forthcoming Noriaki Matsushima
July 2021 Product Innovation, Product Diversification and Firm Growth: Evidence from Japan’s Early Industrialization (with Atsushi Ohyama, Tetsuji Okazaki, and Chad Syverson), American Economic Review, forthcoming Serguey Braguinsky
July, 2021 A War of Attrition with Experimenting Players (with Chia-Hui Chen), Journal of Industrial Economics Junichiro Ishida
June 2021 Voluntary Redistribution Mechanism in Asymmetric Coordination Games (with Naoko Nishimura and Yoshitaka Okano), Experimental Economics Masaki Aoyagi
May 2021 Earthquake risk embedded in property prices: Evidence from five Japanese cities (with R.J.A. Laeven, J.R. Magnus, Y. Yue), Journal of the American Statistical Association Masako Ikefuji
March 2021 Organizational structure and technological investment (with Inés Macho-Stadler and Ryusuke Shinohara), Journal of Industrial Economics, forthcoming. Noriaki Matsushima
February 2021 Instrumental Variable Estimation of Dynamic Linear Panel Data Models with Defactored Regressors and a Multifactor Error Structure, Journal of Econometrics Takashi Yamagata
November 2020 Learning While Setting Precedent (with Ying Chen), The RAND Journal of Economics Hulya Eraslan
October 2020 Reputation Concerns in Risky Experimentation (with Chia-Hui Chen and Wing Suen), Journal of the European Economic Association Junichiro Ishida
August 2020 The Education Gender Gap and the Demographic Transition in Developing Countries (with Julio Dávila and Angela Greulich), Journal of Population Economics Nguyen Thang Dao
July 2020 Strategy-proof multi-object mechanism design: Ex-post revenue maximization with non-quasilinear preferences(with Tomoya Kazumura and Debasis Mishra), Journal of Economic Theory, Volume 188, 105036. Shigehiro Serizawa
May 2020 Mechanism design without quasilinearity (with Tomoya Kazumura and Debasis Mishra) Theoretical Economics, Vol. 15, Issue 2, pp. 511–544 Shigehiro Serizawa
Marth, 2020 Competitive Personalized Pricing (with Zhijun Chen and Chongwoo Choe) Management Science Noriaki Matsushima
January 2020 Expected utility and catastrophic risk in a stochastic economy–climate model (with Laeven R.J.A., Magnus J.R. and Muris C.), Journal of Econometrics, No. 214, pp.110-129 Masako Ikefuji
January 2020 On the roots of the intrinsic value of decision rights: Experimental evidence (with João V. Ferreira and Benoît Tarroux), Games and Economic Behavior Nobuyuki Hanaki
August 2019 Place-Based Policies, Creation and Agglomeration Economies: Evidence from China's Economic Zone Program (with Yi Lu and Jin Wang), American Economic Journal: Economic Policy Lianming Zhu
July 2019 Pre-negotiation commitment and internalization in public good provision through bilateral negotiations (with Ryusuke Shinohara) Journal of Public Economics Noriaki Matsushima
February, 2019 The Impact of Monitoring in Infinitely Repeated Games: Perfect, Public, and Private (with V. Bhaskar, and Guillaume R. Frechette) American Economic Journal: Microeconomics Masaki Aoyagi
November, 2018 Bertrand Competition under Network Externalities Journal of Economic Theory Masaki Aoyagi
August, 2018 Higher order risk attitudes and prevention under different timings of loss (with E. Lee), Experimental Economics Takehito Masuda
September, 2018 Hierarchical Experimentation (with Chia-Hui Chen), Journal of Economic Theory Junichiro Ishida
September, 2018 Credit Booms, Debt Overhang and Secular Stagnation (With G. Illing), European Economic Review Y. Ono and M. Schlegl
May, 2018 Strategy-Proofness and Efficiency for Non-Quasi-Linear and Common-Tiered-Object Preferences: Characterization of Minimum Price Rule, Games and Economic Behavior Yu Zhou and Shigehiro Serizawa
December, 2017 Dynamic Performance Evaluation with Deadlines: The Role of Commitment (with Chia-Hui Chen), Journal of Industrial Economics Junichiro Ishida
December, 2017 Pricing with Cookies: Behavior-Based Price Discrimination and Spatial Competition (with Chongwoo Choe and Stephen P. King), Management Science Noriaki Matsushima
November, 2017 Identification of Time and Risk Preferences in Buy Price Auctions (with D. Ackerberg and Q. Shahriar), Quantitative Economics Keisuke Hirano
June, 2017 A Heteroskedasticity Robust Breusch-Pagan Test for Contemporaneous Correlation in Dynamic Panel Data Models, Journal of Econometrics (with Andreea Halunga, Chris D. Orme), Vol.198(2),pp. 209-230 Takashi Yamagata
March, 2017 Forecasting with Model Uncertainty: Representations and Risk Reduction (with Jonathan H. Wright), Econometrica, vol.85(2), pp.617-643 Keisuke Hirano
November, 2016 Local Incentive Compatibility with Transfers (with Debasis Mishra and Souvik Roy), Games and Economic Behavior, Vol. 100 Anup Pramanik
October, 2016 Rawlsian maximin rule operates as a common cognitive anchor in distributive justice and risky decisions (with Tatsuya Kameda, Satomi Higuchi, Akitoshi Ogawa, Hackjin Kim, Tetsuya Matsuda, and Masamichi Sakagami), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,Vol.113(42), pp.11817-11822. Keigo Inukai
September, 2016 Social Learning and Delay in a Dynamic Model of Price Competition, (with Hikmet Gunay, Manaswini Bhalla), Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 165 Masaki Aoyagi
February, 2016 Overstatement in happiness reporting with ordinal, bounded scale (with Saori C. Tanaka, Katsunori Yamada, Ryo Kitada, Satoshi Tanaka, Sho K. Sugawara, Norihiro Sadato),Scentific Reports 6, Article number: 21321 Fumio Ohtake
November, 2015 Capital heterogeneity as a source of comparative advantage: Putty-clay technology in a ricardian model, Journal of International Economics, Vol. 99 Hirokazu Ishise
August, 2015 Conformism and Structural Change (with Takeo Hori, Kazuo Mino), International Economic Review, Vol.56, Issue 3 Masako Ikefuji
May, 2015 Strategy-proofness and Efficiency with Non-quasi-linear Preferences: A Characterization of Minimum Price Walrasian Rule (with Shuhei Morimoto), Theoretical Economics, Vol.10, Issue 2 Shigehiro Serizawa
January, 2015 Strategy-proof Cost Sharing under Increasing Returns: Improvement of the Supremal Welfare Loss (with Hiroki Saitoh), Games and Economic Behavior, Vol.89 Kazuhiko Hashimoto
September, 2014 Multidimensional Mechanism Design in Single Peaked Type Spaces (with Debasis Mishra, Souvik Roy), Journal of Economic Theory, Vol.153 Anup Pramanik
April, 2014 Neural Mechanisms of Gain–Loss Asymmetry in Temporal Discounting (with Hiroyasu Yoneda), Journal of Neuroscience, Vol. 34 Issue 16 Saori C. Tanaka
Katsunori Yamada
Fumio Ohtake
January, 2014 The minimum approval mechanism implements the efficient public good allocation theoretically and experimentally (with Yoshitaka Okano, Tatsuyoshi Saijo) , Games and Economic Behavior, Vol. 83 Takehito Masuda
September, 2014 Strategic Obscurity in the Forecasting of Disasters , Games and Economic Behavior, Vol.87 Masaki Aoyagi
April, 2013 Small Business Set-asides in Procurement Auctions: An Empirical Analysis, Journal of Public Economics, Vol.100 Jun Nakabayashi
March, 2013 Payment Schemes in Indefinite-Horizon Experimental Games (with Katerina Sherstyuk, Nori Tarui), Experimental Economics, Vol.16, Issue 1 Tatsuyoshi Saijo
January, 2013 Coordinating Adoption Decisions under Externalities and Incomplete Information , Games and Economic Behavior, Vol.77, Issue 1 Masaki Aoyagi
January, 2013 Minimax Play by Teams , Games and Economic Behavior, Vol.77, Issue 1 Yoshitaka Okano
November, 2012 Returns System with Rebates (with Tatsuhiko Nariu, Atsuo Utaka), International Economic Review, Vol. 53, No. 4 David Flath
October, 2012 Japan's Intangible Capital and Valuation of Corporationsin a Neoclassical Framework (with Hiroki Arato), Review of Economic Dynamics, ,Vol.15, Issue 4 Katsunori Yamada
July, 2012 Dynamically Sabotage-Proof Tournaments, Journal of Labor Economics, Vol.30, No.3 Junichiro Ishida
March, 2012 Non-bidding Equilibrium in an Ascending Core-Selecting Auction, Games and Economic Behavior, Vol.74, Issue 2 Ryuji Sano
September, 2011 Market Competition, R&D and Firm Profits in Asymmetric Oligopoly (with Toshihiro Matsumura), Journal of Industrial Economics, Vol.59, Issue 3 Junichiro Ishida
Noriaki Matsushima
June, 2011 Incentives in Core-Selecting Auctions with Single-Minded Bidders, Games and Economic Behavior, Vol. 72, Issue 2 Ryuji Sano
June, 2011 The Keynesian Mulitplier Effect Reconsidered, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Vol.43, Issue 4 Yoshiyasu Ono
May, 2011 Collusion, Agglomeration, and Heterogeneity of Firms (with Toshihiro Matsumura), Games and Economic Behavior, Vol. 72, Issue 1 Noriaki Matsushima
February, 2011 Employment and Hours of Work (with Noritaka Kudoh), European Economic Review, Vol.55, Issue 2 Masaru Sasaki