No. 1207
School ICT resources, teachers, and online education: Evidence from school closures in Japan during the COVID-19 pandemic
Hideo Akabayashi, Shimpei Taguchi and Mirka Zvedelikova
March 2023
No. 1206
Nightless City: Impacts of Policymakers’ Questions on Overtime Work of Government Officials
Natsuki Arai, Masashige Hamano, Munechika Katayama, Yuki Murakami and Katsunori Yamada
March 2023
No. 1185R
Investigation of the Convex Time Budget Experiment by Parameter Recovery Simulation
Keigo Inukai, Yuta Shimodaira and Kohei Shiozawa
August 2022. Revised March 2023.
No. 1174R
Accounting for the Slowdown in Output Growth after the Great Recession: A Wealth Preference Approach
Kazuma Inagaki,Yoshiyasu Ono and Takayuki Tsuruga
May 2022. Revised March 2023.
No. 1205
Leading Patent Breadth, Endogenous Quality Choice, and Economic Growth
Keishun Suzuki and Shin Kishimoto
March 2023
No. 1204
Economic stimulus effects of product innovation under demand stagnation
Daisuke Matsuzaki and Yoshiyasu Ono
March 2023
No. 1203
Social Learning and Strategic Pricing with Rating Systems
Chia-Hui Chen, Kong-Pin Chen and Junichiro Ishida
March 2023
No. 1202
Financial Development and Minimum Capital Requirements in Macroeconomic Analysis
Miho Sunaga
March 2023
No. 1201
The Effects of Personal Data Management on Competition and Welfare
Jiajia Cong and Noriaki Matsushima
March 2023
No. 1175R
An Experiment on the Nash Program: A Comparison of Two Strategic Mechanisms Implementing the Shapley Value
Michela Chessa, Nobuyuki Hanaki, Aymeric Lardon and Takashi Yamada
May 2022. Revised February 2023.